How to get your business through a сrisis with Semalt? 

In the era of the inexorable development of the Internet and its increasing influence, the existence of a cost-effective and successful business is unthinkable without creating your own website. However, a site should not only be created but also work properly and be easily detected by customers and competitors through the browser. SEO of the website will let you take your company out of a crisis and attract a new customer base. 
Competent search marketing necessarily includes internal SEO, external resource optimization, and SERM, which means working with a company's reputation on the Internet. The performing of aforementioned operations will help to attract customers, employees, or partners; improve a company reputation among search results; increase the number of orders goods or services; increase the trust of the target audience; ensure maximum brand reach. 
Thus, the site not only increases traffic but also begins to work with visitors much more efficiently. 

Why choose Semalt? 

For a user, the first time faced with SEO-promotion of sites, it is difficult to choose among numerous SEO opportunities the one is offered. If millions of competitive online resources prevent your site from getting a top Google ranking, if the site traffic is still low, despite a sufficient number of potential customers, Semalt will propel your business to the next level. 

Discover Semalt as a professional marketing and Search Engine Optimization service, which will become one of the most effective tools for developing your online resource. The promotion system used by our company is universal and suitable for almost all types of online businesses. Semalt search engine optimization will allow you to establish a constant flow of targeted Internet users to the site. This is because the progress that can be achieved through optimization does not disappear, and therefore the site will continue getting traffic even after the complete cessation of the performed SEO work. 

Semalt will help you to discover the largest traffic source available on the Internet. Since at least half of all site visitors come from search engines. 

Thanks to Semalt, you will attract interested visitors, who come to the website from search engine to search for you, your services, products, or information.

It is also worth considering that search traffic is free! You do not need to pay for clicks or linking to your website from the search results page.
If you are worried that in order to conduct quality resource optimization, a whole team of specialists and more than one month of work are needed, we will dispel your doubts. Our experts will keep in mind your wishes and complete the work as soon as possible. In addition, the need to constantly update data on the site and increase link weight is also taken into account. 

For users whose company cannot independently determine the front of search marketing work based on their own global marketing strategy, Semalt will help with the selection of priority areas. This will focus on the efforts of SEO-specialists and marketers on one task and achieve maximum efficiency. 

Semalt will help you with: 
Let us move on to a detailed discussion of the functions which you can discover with Semalt. 


By focusing your attention on creating a high quality in all respects website, you can lose sight of its actual effectiveness. For beginners in the field of search optimization, we launch an AutoSEO campaign, which shows excellent results in a short time. 

You can use this function to promote your own projects or improving customer service. However, regardless of the customer's individual preferences, AutoSEO provides high-quality page optimization. Based on the keyword research and web analytics reports, this campaign will help you to enhance website visibility and build links. 

At the same time, it is the work with keywords that is of great importance for SEO. Keyword planning helps you to select exactly the phrases, which are the best for your site.

The offer will be especially beneficial for webmasters, freelancers, small business owners, and startups. 


Have you clearly defined your priorities and aimed at sales growth, profit, and a profitable partnership? Then FullSEO is perfect for you. It includes the development and implementation of a consumer-specific plan for SEO and promotion on the Net. Attention to details and understanding of the specificity of the customer resource will allow you to develop the most effective website promotion strategy. 

Interested in your services or products customers will be certainly directed to your site, which, in turn, will be much closer to the top in a search engine.

The main functions of this campaign are: 
  • link building, 
  • site error correction, 
  • content creation, 
  • internal optimization, 
  • support,
  • consulting. 
FullSEO is most effective for business conduct and electronic commerce. However, focusing on a specific customer makes this campaign profitable for startups, private entrepreneurs who want to use their own website to the maximum. 

Explainer video 

No one likes to delve into long and complicated descriptions of goods, services, companies. Just show your customers what you can do using an Explainer video created by Semalt professionals. Only describe your idea in a few words, and we will help you to create a movie-reel that reflects the production process, the principles of the company represent the quality of the services you provide and the product you produce. Submission of information in a media format will significantly facilitate its perception and make customers share what they see with others. 

The Semalt team will take on the development of the concept, writing the script, monitoring the production of video, professional dubbing, and editing. 

This service is especially relevant for small business owners, startups, and companies who want to interest the target audience with their project. 

Website analytics 

A preliminary study of data and information is the key to success in any business. Examine consumer needs and offer them exactly what they want. Keep track of the progress and performance of a rival company, determine the secret of its success, and implement the gained investigations. Our Web Analytics will let you know everything about the functioning and effectiveness of your site. 

The system will provide:
  • services for checking your Internet resource rankings, 
  • exploring rival websites, 
  • identifying page optimization errors, 
  • receiving all-inclusive web ranking reports
  • increasing website visibility on the web. 
Any user can make a good thing of Website analytics because knowledge is the most powerful tool in your hands. 

Web Development 

If the creation of a site seems to you no less complicated than its promotion, Semalt will help with this task! As professionals in our field, we will create a website that is right for you. Whether it is an online store, a private art studio, a large company, or an individual enterprise –our specialists will create the best product that meets all the needs and wishes of a client. 

Orientation to the Internet space today turns a website into a business card of a company, its face. That is why it is essential to focus not only on search engine optimization of an online resource but also on creating an aesthetically designed page. We also maintain a high level of data security during the development of a site. After the beginning of its work, the information will be regularly collected, processed, and issued in the form of reports. Thus, you can control the operation of your resource from the very beginning. 

Functional and pleasant design, constant support and updating, bumpless integration of plugins and APIs, realization of cms solutions - all this will be undertaken by Semalt. 

Website SEO promotion 

At the first stage of work on web site optimization, you will probably need the support of experienced specialists. We will use our skills, gained over years of active practice, to guide you in the promotion of your site. A full package of services for analyzing a current web page indicators and Internet trends, checking for problems and solving them, designing and correcting a website is exactly what you need and will get from us. 

Advantages of our service: 
  • A team of talented specialists is ready for cooperation 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our staff consists of dozens of competent specialists who speak English, German, French, Spanish, and Turkish. Thereby contacting copy-writers, programmers, content creators, developers of sites or even the leadership of the company, you can be sure that you're understood and able to bank on advice on any issues; 

  •  For more than ten years, our close-knit team has gathered from talented, proactive, and motivated experts who have implemented many successful projects. Years of continuous practice and accumulation of experience have allowed our specialists to pump skills and develop a unique system of network resource optimization. 
  • More than 800,000 projects are successful, and 300,000 users are satisfied with the quality of our work;
  • The gallery of completed projects is an indicator of Semalt's success in implementing its own ideas, and reviews of satisfied customers confirm the effectiveness of the systems.
  • Flexible system of discounts and regular attractive offers; the best quality-price ratio. You are free to choose your preferred functions by yourself based on your own finances and target orientation. We offer a convenient system of discounts and advantageous offers for regular customers. For just $ 0.99, you can try our two-week AutoSeo Trial and see which features are most interesting to you. In this case, regardless of whether you choose AutoSeo, FullSEO or Analytics, three-month, six-month, and annual packages will bring you a benefit of 10, 15, and 25%, respectively. 

The reason to visit our website 

On our site, you can familiarize yourself with the principles of Semalt and customer reviews in order to understand not only the specifics of SEO but also the features of our website promotion means. You can also find all the necessary information regarding the provided services and their cost on the Semalt official website. If any topic remains unsolved for you, ask a question to our support team.